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Unlike most other solar companies San Francisco CA, we also offer solar roof tile installation services. These are a great alternative to solar panels if you are concerned about your home’s aesthetics.

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What Are Solar Roof Tiles?

Solar roof tiles are a new technology on the market. They may look like ordinary roof tiles, but they come with solar cells hidden inside them.

The solar tiles themselves are made of a strong type of plastic and reflect heat just as well as ordinary tiles.

The only difference between these and more traditional types is that they can collect sunlight and turn it into energy without you having to do anything.

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How Do Solar Roof Tiles Work?

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Solar roof tile systems work by converting sunlight directly into electricity. This happens through a process called photovoltaic (PV) conversion, which simply means generating an electric field from light or another form of radiant energy.

When light strikes silicon PV material within the solar panel, electrons are knocked loose from their normal position in the material. The electrons move around due to this reaction and give off energy, which is then captured by a circuit.

The result is an electric current that can be used to power your home or sent back out into the grid for others to draw energy from.

Solar Roof Tile Installation

In solar roof tile installation, we use a special type of solar panel that has been designed to look like ordinary tiles.

Each one will produce anywhere between 100 W and 200 W when it is installed on your property, depending on what sort of sun exposure you get in California.

We’ll work with you to find the best location for these panels so they can take full advantage of whatever sunlight your property gets.

Solar roof tile installation is a great option for people who are looking to improve the aesthetics of their home’s exterior without spending too much money on new tiles or paint.

They’ll work with your existing roof, even if it is old or damaged, and are more affordable than other types of solar panel system installation San Francisco CA.

Standard Panels on Roof: What Are Solar Shingles?

Solar or photovoltaic shingles are a type of solar roof tiles that can be installed on your current shingles in order to convert sunlight into energy.

Solar roof tiles are a viable option for people who want to have a renewable source of energy but don’t want an obtrusive solar panel sitting on their roof. It’s the perfect solution if you’re not ready to buy entirely new panels or don’t have the money right now to do so.

How Are Solar Shingles Installed?

Solar shingles work just like conventional photovoltaic materials, with one notable exception. They’re able to blend in more easily with what’s around them because they look just like ordinary shingles.

We’ll install these directly onto the top of your home alongside any other shingles you have. This means that the only difference is going to be a slight change in appearance.

Solar shingles work through a process called photovoltaic (PV) conversion, which simply means generating an electric field from light or another form of radiant energy.

Benefits of Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles have a lot of benefits for your home. They are not only more aesthetically pleasing than traditional solar panels, they can also be cheaper to install.

There are several reasons why you may want to invest in solar roof tiles. If this is something that interests you, give us a call today to learn more.

Here are some of the primary benefits of installing solar roof tiles on your home:

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Solar Roof Tile Installation Is Cost-Effective

Once installed, these roofing tiles provide an excellent source of energy for your property. They will lower your electricity bills and increase the value of your home because it’s more energy efficient compared with most other types of roofs.

Solar Roof Tiles Provide Energy Independence

If you have solar roof tiles installed on your house, it means you’ll never have to rely on the power company for electricity. You can collect and use as much energy as you need, instead of just depending on what comes out of your outlets.

Solar Roof Tiles Are an Excellent Way to Protect Your Home

These roof tiles will protect your home from all sorts of weather damage. That includes hail storms and other types of damage that can happen during a storm.

More than that, they actually look better than traditional solar panels and won’t detract from the otherwise good looks of your home.

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Are Solar Roofs Worth It?

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Solar roofs are definitely worth it since roofing materials are so expensive. Solar roofing can save you a lot of money in the long run because it will pay for itself within two decades. Moreover, they can last for twenty years.

Neglecting maintenance will lead to degradation of your roof, which is expensive to repair. Solar roofs are made to last longer by being less prone to wear and tear. 

They don’t have shingles that can blow off in a storm because they are designed with solar cells instead of shingles or tiles.

Your roof won’t need replacing as often if you have a solar roof either because the entire system should survive many decades before needing to be replaced. Any damage due to storms will be minimal since the parts are all tightly sealed together.

The only expense involved with owning a solar roof is paying for its initial installation costs, which includes having it installed on your home, buying the equipment needed for it, and other miscellaneous costs. 


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Solar roofs last up to 30 years, but can vary depending on the skill of who installed it and the materials used. It’s important to factor in that after about 25 years solar roofs lose their effectiveness.

This is because, over time, they become less efficient at converting the sun’s energy into electricity. Solar panels are expensive, so if you intend to continue using a solar roof for longer than this period, make sure you have a plan in place to replace them when needed.

A solar roof can cost anywhere from $21 to $25 per square foot. The cost of the roof depends on the type of roof you choose and the materials used. Certain roofs will reduce the cost of a solar roof significantly, but make sure to do your research before deciding on this option.

For example, a metal roof can drastically reduce the cost because it’s easy to install the cells onto metal as opposed to other materials. 

A lot of people often use solar roofs to repair an existing roof that is old or worn out instead of replacing it completely, which can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

If you want a new look for your house with a solar roof, then expect to pay more money upfront because many companies won’t offer financing options to customers who want replacement solar panels rather than installation from scratch. 

If you have an older home or an ugly roof, it’s important to consider replacing the entire roof instead of just adding panels, making your home more aesthetically pleasing.

Solar shingles are the most common type of solar roof. They are very similar to traditional asphalt shingles but contain photovoltaic (PV) modules beneath them instead of asphalt.

These panels look like regular shingles and come in various styles that will match your existing home or commercial building’s style. You can even choose the color you want if not an option for black or grey, depending on where you’re at.

Solar panel shingles are made up of 4 main parts: PV modules – basically normal solar cells, mounting rails – used during installation to keep the solar roof level, sealants – used to completely weatherproof the entire installation, and insulation board. 

The insulation board is put right behind the shingles to ensure they’re hidden from view.

These roofs are designed to blend in with your home or building by using high-efficiency solar cells that look like tiles rather than panels found on normal rooftop systems. 

This means they can be placed onto a roof without taking up any additional space and only requires the same type of maintenance as a regular roof.

The amount of energy each solar panel produces depends on where you live and its exposure to sunlight. 

On average, solar shingles produce around 30% less electricity than traditional monocrystalline (mono) solar cells that are found on a rooftop or used in large utility-scale projects. This is because solar shingles have a lower energy conversion efficiency.

Because of this, you will need to use more panels to produce the same amount of electricity as a traditional setup. 

This also means higher upfront costs if you’re trying to power your whole house with them. However, there is financing available for most customers today, which can help reduce these costs significantly.